Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning: out with the old, help someone new!

Ahhhhh, as we welcome the change in seasons with longer daylight and warmer weather, it is a somewhat honored tradition to sweep away the old dust and blahs of winter with a good old fashioned spring cleaning. With the tossing of the old, you should take a moment to help someone new, well, at least new to you! The Visual Arts Center is in need of donations to help run it's programs. I know times are tight right now, and that's why I am sending a shout out. The Vis Arts is in need of the following:


Screen printing screen/frames

Mat scraps

Phone books



Plastic rulers

Metal tear bar (40”)

Etching needles


Soy inks

Welder’s curtain plus/minus 42” x 30” x 30”

Soldering irons

Stand-up easels

dress forms

white boards (the “new” chalk board – or even chalk boards)

drawing materials

paints (oil, acrylic)



sewing machines in good working order

ironing boards

brayers for printmaking




USB cords for cameras

Digital cameras

Stuff for still lives (Colored glass stuff, patterned fabrics, etc)

So if in your cleaning frenzy you you come across any of these objects, help a new friend out and send your love their way!

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Maggi said...

Thanks for getting the word out, Carra!