Sunday, February 10, 2008

I *heart* Craft

To be able to live in a place so endlessly rich with treasures for the sprit is satisfying beyond any measure. I find with every passing day that Richmond has so much to offer its’ citizens. This past weekend for example: Environmental film fest at the Byrd, presidential candidates at the Siegel Center, and the one I did get to attend, The Richmond Craft Mafias' crafter’s social at the Camel, 1621 W Broad St, Richmond, VA.
A very awesome group of talented individuals gathered under the banner of craft and formed the group in 2005. It has been a growing force in Richmond ever since. I had the grace of time on my side this afternoon and got to meet and greet the peeps that are making it happen. For more info on the group, check out the site!

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