Sunday, February 24, 2008

spRING Fever

It's the bitter end of February and spRING Fever is in the air! You know you want them, the newest hottest rings around. I have been checking out a lot of sites lately and I have been seeing the alternative resources for metal rings come up a lot lately. My favorite material is very renewable and EVERYWHERE this spring...WOOD. Yes, wooden rings are awesome and I have a few here to share. I am playing with different accent materials and painted wood. I really like where this is going so let me know if you do too. The rings below clockwise from the top are: white painted wood ring with reclaimed rhinestones($35), black painted wood ring with copper embellishment($28), clear coated Poplar with silver tube($40), and carved Delrin($22).
Other cool sites to check out wooden rings:
Simply Wood Rings
Tropical Grains
Touch Wood Rings

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Team 8 Press said...

My favorite is the natural one. I love seeing the wood grain. I also really like the delrin one, but I don't know what delrin really is exactly.