Sunday, February 17, 2008


As more and more of my attention is focused toward the part I play on this earth I can't help but note that not everyone thinks the same way. As a society we have been told to consume to be good little Americans. We are given incentives, credit cards and guilt trips to fuel the fire that isn't necessary. We obey and as a result, we have undoubtedly trashed our planet to the point of crisis and now are wondering, What Happened? We happened, we have to be better at how we handle the fragile ecosystem we have been place in. We have to work for a style of life that isn't toxic; not only for our planet and ourselves but for the future generations that have yet to be. I am providing a link to The Story of Stuff, a quick insightful clip about our consumer habits and what we need to do to get them in check. Thank you.

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